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A series of Suez Canal “Ever Given” cargo ship memes for eating disorder recovery

Things have been a little busy lately and I’ve not had a huge amount of time to write. I have this weekend, however, become a little obsessed with the story of the giant cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal that accidentally became a meme. So much so, that I made a whole series of memes about ED recovery. If you know, you know. You’re welcome. No hate please. And feel free to send me more inspiration for the little digger of hopes and memes.

^ This one could even have the labels reversed, because who even knowwwwsss what's going on down there sometimes

But, my friends. We know this isn't the end of the story. The ship, after many attempts, much disruption and knock-on consequences, has been freed. There is always a reason for hope.

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